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Category Archives: SSRJ Articles

More Graduates, Fewer Criminals? The Economic Impacts of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program

Abstract             Although an abundance of research indicates that private schooling can benefit individual children through higher test scores, the effects on society are less clear. We monetize and forecast the social impacts of the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program (MPCP) in the United States. We use existing literature on the impacts of the MPCP on […]

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Maranto Admin Accountability for 2018 SSRJ

Does Administrative Accountability Capture Student Learning?  An Arkansas Test Robert Maranto (, University of Arkansas Kaitlin Anderson (, Michigan State University Alexandra Boyd (, University of Arkansas  Every restraint and requirement originated in somebody’s demand for it. Herb Kaufman (1977, 29) Abstract Market critics propose that administrative accountability is superior to school choice in promoting […]

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