The definition of ‘school system’ is 100% of the primary and secondary schooling options,
public and private.


About SSRJ

About the Electronic School System Reform Journal (SSRJ)

In this nascent field of inquiry, we need two things from our peer-reviewed forums; 1.) Specification of the frontier, including the critical questions that need attention, and appropriate research hypothesis, and ways to systematically explore/assess important school system reform issues for which there may be little if any useful data; and 2.) Empirical research, especially hypothesis tests. The first (#1) will generate scholarly commentaries that can attempt to be objective, or can assert an interpretation of data or theoretical analysis. Either way, to be publishable in the SSRJ, the commentaries must be deeply embedded in the academic and policy literature. The editor will generally solicit comment/reply, and publish the substantive (not stylistic) blind review comments. The accept/reject bottom line is that the proposed SSRJ article must soundly address an important school system reform issue.

The SSRJ also publishes Comments on school system reform-related articles appearing in academic journals and serves as a discussion forum for school system reform research. SSRJ reports inappropriate assumptions, weak chains of argument, phony claims of relevance, omissions of pertinent truths, and Irreplicability (SSRJ also publishes replications). Pointed, constructive criticism requires an independent forum and an accessible and timely medium. Other material including
essays, reflections, investigations, and classic critiques speak to the nature and character of school system reform studies. SSRJ aims to apply theories of failure-market, government, organizational-to primary and secondary education and its governance institution.​​

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Comments, submissions, and questions about SSRJ are encouraged and should be sent via email to John Merrifield.


John Merrifield

University of Texas at San Antonio

Associate Editors:

Vance Randall

Brigham Young Univesity

Mark Holmes

University of Toronto – OISE, RETIRED

Rodrigo Queiroz e Melo

Universidade Católica Portuguesa Palma de Cima Lisboa