Washington State Big Spenders

Washington State’s Big Spenders are Slow Learners || John Merrifield || November 30, 2014

After having little to show for a nearly 30% increase in public school spending by her administration, previous Governor Christine Gregoire (D – WA) said,

“I came in here determined to make the system work better. I put a lot more money into K–12. But then you sit there and say, “Why have I not been able to get the result I set out to achieve?”

Apparently, her successor, Governor Jay Inslee (D – WA) is a slow learner; having failed to even study the record of his predecessor from the same party.  He said this:

“There’s no disagreement that education needs to be more fully funded.” Governor Inslee, instead of the foolish futility of more-of-the-same-harder, or Rick Hess’ version

(“The Same Thing Over and Over”), address the roots of the problem.

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